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In-Service Inspection and Testing (PAT Testing)

In-service inspection and testing as detailed in the IEE Code of Practice should be carried out on a routine basis to determine whether the particular item of equipment is in a safe condition for continued use.  It is normally not necessary to test new items of equipment as the manufacturer has already tested them.

There are three categories of in-service inspection and testing set out in the IEE Code of Practice.

Are Your Portable Appliances Regularly Checked ?

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   Performed by you the user.

Before plugging in and switching on the equipment. It involves a visual inspection that includes the plug, the flex, the appliance and the suitability of the appliance for the environment and the job. Faults or suspected faults should be reported and logged, and faulty equipment should be removed from service. Normally, no record is required if no faults are found.

i an inspection,

ii testing as necessary to ensure the equipment is in a safe condition (the testing may include earth continuity testing at a high or low test current and insulation testing or a protective conductor/touch current measurement), and

iii functional checks.

The Combined Inspection and Test should be recorded.

This consists of the user checks and, in addition, checks on the suitability of the equipment for the environment and the switching of the equipment. The Formal Visual Inspection includes removing the plug top and inspecting the wiring, connections, fuse and cord grip. Equipment failing the inspection should be removed from service.

The Formal Visual Inspection should be recorded.

Plug Top and Socket

Method Statements and Risk Assessments Available Upon Request